The Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery Defense Contingency rebutted comments from numerous franchisees and CNBC as they defended Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery. Attorney Robert Zarco personally selected fellow Miamian Rudy Puig to appear on the program "to represent profitable and happy franchisees when being interviewed by CNBC”.

Sedna Consultancy, LLP is affiliated with a group of
Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners. Cold Stone is a subsidiary of Kahala Corp. Cold Stone and Blimpie by far make up the majority of Kahala Corp’s franchise units. Cold Stone and Blimpie rank among the worst franchises in the nation year-after-year.

Several years ago, our group contacted Attorney Robert Zarco and his partner, Alejandro Brito and engaged in multiple discussions about their firm representing our group in legal claims against Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery. At the time, Attorney Robert Zarco was considered by some to be one of the top 100 franchise lawyers in the country. During those discussions, he said all the right things to exude a professional who was honest, competent and who would fight for his clients. His message then conjured the same emotions a potential client might experience after listening to his words expressed in the Executive Video. But to be sure, those are just words. Our experience in dealing with Attorney Robert Zarco was very different from his words.

After reviewing a seven-page detailed legal analysis of our case and reviewing more than 100 pages of evidence, Attorney Robert Zarco agreed to represent our franchise group against Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery. Months later, CNBC broadcasted a documentary on franchising that was highly critical of Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery and exposed Cold Stone as a risky franchise investment with many failing stores and desperate franchise owners. In response to the broadcast, Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery —the same company that Attorney Robert Zarco agreed to sue on behalf of our franchise group—called Attorney Robert Zarco and offered him a lot of cash to represent their corporate interest against CNBC and one of our franchise owners. Attorney Robert Zarco took Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery’s money and switched sides, boldly proclaiming “I will now be the face of Cold Stone…” He then backed up that claim. He appeared on a reedited version of the CNBC documentary sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Dan Beem, former president of Cold Stone and a franchisee who was hand picked by Attorney Robert Zarco. In the face of so very many failing stores throughout the nation, the franchisee claimed that each of his three stores were profitable. (That was later called into question, to which he doubled down.) During that interview, Attorney Robert Zarco unbelievably defended Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery and blamed his very own clients—the franchise owners.

Attorney Robert Zarco’s words expressed to our group prior to our agreement to work together on our case were inspiring, much like his words to the company officials in the Executive Video. We thought he was an extraordinary professional of high integrity. Our experience however was very different and is more accurately reflected in his supposed representation of the franchisees in the CNBC documentary.

The purpose of this website is to provide the public with the client perspective of a relationship with Attorney Robert Zarco and his law firm when compared with his client recruitment speeches as in the Executive Video and his PR machine. In reviewing this website, you will see that we are hardly alone in our negative opinion of Attorney Robert Zarco.